Union Gap Courtroom Shooting

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UNION GAP -- Chaos in Union Gap started with a call of shots fired coming from city hall and initial reports of a security guard hit. Turns out no one was hurt, but the fight between a defendant and that guard put dozens in danger. KIMA investigated how it all went down

A closed sign now hangs on the municipal court entrance. It’s a reminder of a day that won't soon be forgotten in Union Gap.

While police haven't confirmed why the suspect was facing a judge, he clearly had his own ideas about justice.

As soon as the judge said the man was being taken into custody that's when he got angry. Fighting first with words then physically, getting into a scuffle with the security guard.

They moved from the courtroom to the women's room and back to the courtroom. Within a matter of seconds the security officer's gun was taken and fired twice.

Police still aren't sure who fired those two shots. It all happened so quickly. Moments after it started, it was over. The defendant on the floor and cuffed, a courtroom filled with people in complete shock.

Amazingly no one was hit when the guard’s pistol fired. Both the guard and the defendant also escaped serious injury.

"We've had fights in the court room before when people try to escape, but to my knowledge we haven't had shots fired in the courtroom," said Sgt. Greg Cobb.

The guard was not a police officer but an employee from a private security firm. Union Gap Mayor Jim Lemon says he's been pushing for better city hall security for years.

"The judge and I will be talking that's a given and we've talked in the past but it's going to be a much more serious talk now," said Lemon.

Thankfully, the events that unfolded weren't more serious.

The mayor told KIMA he'll make city hall security a priority now. He says he'd prefer police officers instead of private security. That decision will be up to the full council, and money will likely be the biggest hurdle.