Why Hasn't the Bad Hair Bandit Been Caught?

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WASHINGTON STATE -- She's been hitting banks all over the Northwest and in recent weeks, the so-called Bad Hair Bandit hit Ellensburg and the Tri-Cities. The serial bank robber added Richland to her record of more than 20 banks held up in Washington and Oregon.

She's struck the Northwest again, again and again. From Washington to Oregon, it was only a matter of time till the “Bad Hair Bandit” paid the Tri-Cities a visit holding up a Yakima Federal Bank in Richland. No one from the bank wanted to talk about it. It seems unusual that one woman would be able to strike so many times without being caught, but not so for the FBI.

"There’s nothing unusual about her, certainly she's a persistent thief. In terms of gender, it's more common for males to be bank robbers but certainly not the first time we've seen this pattern," said Agent Frank Harrill.

This is her pattern: sunglasses a ball cap and a wig. She hands the teller a note that says she's got a weapon.

"This is a dangerous individual, that threatening a weapon in each robbery possibly working with a co-conspirator and it's someone we need to bring to justice quickly," said Agent Harrill.

Quickly just can't seem to come soon enough for the Bad Hair Bandit.
She's robbed more than 20 banks since December, mostly in Tacoma but she's branched out to Ellensburg, Spokane and now the Tri-Cities.

Just a block up is the Richland Police station and after robbing more than 18 banks who would've thought she would pick one so close to this.

Agents tell Action News they have lots of leads and tips on her; but still don't know who she is, where she's from or why she's doing this.
The FBI admits it's out of the ordinary to take this long to track a bank robber down, but they're convinced they'll find her, "It's something that will come to an end. I think sooner than later."

But for now it seems she's slipped into the shadows again. The FBI is still looking for leads in the case.