Second Suspect in West Valley Home the Night of Triple Murder

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YAKIMA  --  It's a huge break in the West Valley triple murders that investigators may not have been expecting. A possible partner in crime to accused killer, Kevin Harper, is admitting to her role in the burglary and killings last February. Until this week it was suspected, Harper acted alone when investigators say he broke into the Goggin's West Valley home.

Even the judge mistook Tracy Culton for a man as she approached the bench during her preliminary hearing Friday. The 34-year old mother of two has admitted to a role in the burglary gone bad at the Goggin's Falcon Ridge home last February. Bill, Pauline and Bette Goggin were brutally murdered on the 16th of that month. Dozens of items were stolen from the house. 

In the probable cause statement, investigators say Culton admits burglarizing the Goggin's home the night of the triple murder. We asked detectives if that means Culton was present when the murders occurred. 

Detective Stew Graham was not prepared to say she was a participant in the killing spree.

The same document says Culton walked into the Sheriff's office on her own, back in May to confess to a series of crimes she had committed to support a drug habit.

It says "In that interview she admitted to being in possession of the jewelry that came from 630 Pheasant Crest and that she took that stolen jewelry and sold it..."

 More shocking is an email Culton wrote to an inmate at the women's prison.

"In the email, Culton admitted she was involved in the burglary on Pheasant Crest. She further admitted that she planned the incident."

Colter's arrest brings it to four. Four people arrested related to the case. But these court papers make her the first to be at the home along with Harper where the murders happened"

Prior to her arrest police took in Kevin Harper's wife, Crystal West. She's charged with destroying several items taken from the Goggin's home.

A month before that, Tennance Buckingham was charges with lying to investigators about the deaths and his relationship with Harper. Deputies say he also has stolen items from the Goggin's home.  


Then there's Kevin Harper. The man prosecutors say killed the three during a burglary to feed his drug habit. 


Detectives aren’t saying if there could have been more people there or not, only that it is an ongoing investigation. It seems with each passing month, another new lead is revealed in one of West Valley's most notorious and violent crimes. 


Culton's bond was set particularly high on a burglary charge at $500,000. A clear indication the judge is listening to prosecutors when they say this is no ordinary burglary suspect.


YAKIMA  -- A second person was in the Falcon Ridge home the night investigators say Kevin Harper murdered three people.  Tracy Culton, 35, admitted to deputies she planned and participated in the crime.

Culton made a preliminary appearance in Superior Court Friday afternoon where a judge set bond at $500,000. 

Investigators say Culton volunteered the information after an email to another inmate at the woman's prison in Washington State was intercepted.  In that email, Culton admitted her involvement in the triple murder.

Click here to view the probable cause statement.