Toddler Dies, Suspect Faces Homicide Charges

Toddler Dies, Suspect Faces Homicide Charges
SUNNYSIDE -- A two-year-old dies after a blow to the stomach and police are calling it a homicide.

"What wrong could a child do?"

Valentin Castillo speaks for a lot of parents in Sunnyside. Just two doors down, he witnessed a tragedy beyond belief.

"We saw police cars and we were wondering what was going on until we heard a little boy died," he says.

That "little boy" was two year-old Benjamin Miron. He lived in the 1100 block of Decatur Avenue. Police believe it's also the place where he died. Police are releasing few details, but the mother's live-in boyfriend told investigators Benjamin suffered fatal injuries after being roughed-up by his siblings, all of whom are under eight-years-old. Authorities aren't buying it.

Action News checked with the coroner and discovered the cause of death was a blow to the stomach. The coroner told KIMA Benjamin's injuries were so severe they could not have been caused by another child. He said Benjamin even had bruising around his body, suggesting previous signs of abuse.

Cops are also puzzled at what the suspect did after Benjamin sustained his injuries.

Instead of taking the boy to Sunnyside's hospital, which is just a few blocks away, he drove 25 minutes to the hospital in Toppenish.

Family members tell Action News the suspect is just 18-years-old. He's now facing charges related to the child's death.