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YAKIMA, Wash.-- Friday afternoon several officers were on top of Fred Meyer’s roof asking for donations.

The annual ‘Cop on Top’ fundraiser raises donations for Special Olympics athletes.

The fundraiser benefits over 500 athletes in the Yakima region.

In 2013 YPD was able to raise over $4,500 in cash donations. YPD was not able to host the event last year, but continued to support these athletes and their families with other fundraisers throughout the year.

“Yakima Police Department and other law enforcement agencies do a fantastic job raising money to help these athletes play sports and have fun,” said Yakima Special Olympics area director, Tiffanie Keller.

The fundraiser continues Saturday from 7a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fred Meyer on 40th Avenue.

'Cop on Top' to benefit Yakima Special Olympics athletes

The annual ‘Cop on Top’ fundraiser raises donations for local Special Olympics athletes.