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YAKIMA, Wash. -- The tale of the text messages gets more lurid. Messages sent on work cell phones first led to the suspension of a manager and now the resignation of a Yakima city attorney. Action News obtained those text messages sent on a city-issued cell phone -- that you pay for. KIMA has those messages, which include insults to colleagues and romantic messages between city employees.

It's a cautionary tale for anyone with a company-issued phone. Yakima has a rule against using work phones for personal business. Yet that's just what was going on with two high-level employees. First, the head of the Utilities and Engineering Department was nailed for sending too many texts. Roughly 100 a month over the course of a year.

Debbie Cook went through a disciplinary hearing and was suspended for two weeks without pay. Action News asked for a copy of those texts through a public records request.

On her work phone, Cook took aim at colleagues, including her boss, Yakima City Manager Tony O'Rourke. One said, "wonder what I was smokin' a year ago when I told tony I would be honored to work for him!"

Cook also complained about meetings involving public feedback, writing, "Back in ch prepping for 3:00 community outreach (blank) session about street cut ordinance. Goody."

But most of the texts are romantic, aimed at Yakima Assistant City Attorney Jim Mitchell. Cook wrote, quote, "Thinking of you sexy! Sore muscles? Can I massage them for you?" And another, that said, quote, "Nibble. Kiss. Xoxoxo."

The affection was retuned by Mitchell who typed, "Thank you for the micro lurk lover! Have a great weekend!"

And, also took his turn deriding city colleagues: "Lickies! How meeting with idiots go??"

KIMA went back to Tony O'Rourke to ask more questions about Cook's suspension. KIMA already spoke to him Thursday when we first learned Cook was off the job temporarily. He told us then that the suspension was about her work time focused on personal messages. And told us this time, the discipline had nothing to do with what the texts say, still focusing on the quantity sent on a work phone.

O'Rourke also confirmed Assistant City Attorney Jim Mitchell has resigned. O'Rourke says it was a different public records request that tipped the city off to checking Cook's texts.

We contacted Jim Mitchell and Debbie Cook today -- neither wanted to comment. Cook is expected to return to work Monday after completing her suspension.

City employee's personal texts revealed

KIMA has those messages, which include insults to colleagues and romantic messages between city employees.