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It was quite a mess in Yakima this working

Construction crews, rising water and road blocks- it's a mess nobody saw coming. For Jar Arcand, owner of Santiago's restaurant, a call from the fire department left him in shock.

"You're driving down here, boots in hand just thinking of the worst. That 'oh my I'm going to open the doors and waters going to come flooding out,'" said Arcand.

Luckily, it wasn't too bad for Santiago's after a water main break happened just out front. The large pipe burst on East Yakima Avenue cracking parts of the street and flooded water down several blocks.
The water was quickly shut off in the area early Saturday morning.
But the damage was extensive for Vida Rug and Furniture Gallery.

"it's a devastating feeling to see that all your merchandise is under water," said store owner, Akbar Rezaie.

Merchandise like elk rugs. The price tag $12,000.
Wood tables, this one almost a thousand. Items that owners say can be saved but their value is cut big time. And that's just two of the 40 to 50 other pieces owners say water came into contact with.

"It will give us a new chance to put furniture on the floor, but the process isn't going to be easy," said Rezaie.

Despite the damages, both businesses were happy with the city's response. City crews drained out the water and dug up debris to find the break. It's going to take two weeks to replace the century old pipe with a new one.The City water's reserve fund will pay for what could cost about $80,000.

"It's a significant project but it's not, we've done a lot of things a lot bigger than this," said David Brown, Water and Irrigation Manager for the City of Yakima.

A project though on the smaller scale, will help big time to build a better a better city.

These stores will remain open and have parking available in the back.

Water main break in Yakima floods businesses