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YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- A new bug found in Yakima County could become a big problem if it's able to make a real home here. It's a type of stink bug, but a lot worse than what you're used to. Researchers say it likely comes from Asia and it likes to eat. KIMA got a glimpse and learned why it could spell trouble for our fruit industry.

For Yakima farmers, the news stinks.

"It's a challenge we're going to have to face," said Ahtanum Orchards Assistant Manager Jacob Walkenhauer.

Stink bugs. But, not the average kind.

A brown marmorated stink bug. Researchers say it might have come from Asia, landed on the East Coast and made its way west.

Now, it's in Yakima County.

They're seem to be on the big side. Marbled in color, with light and dark bands on their antennae. Like other stinkbugs, they love to live cozy.

"It likes to come indoors during the winter, uninvited, and colonize houses," said WSU Extension Entomologist Mike Bush.

In warmer weather, they get out and about. These aren't the stink bugs you're used to. They could do some damage to the local economy.

"In a few years down the line, we would expect this bug, if it is established in Yakima County, to become a crop problem," said Bush.

What makes this type of stink bug threatening is that it will eat pretty much everything with seeds. Cherries, tomatoes, grapes and apples.

And, the preferred environmentally-friendly pesticides might not be strong enough to kill them. That could be a problem for growers like Jacob.

"If we use harsher chemicals to control the stink bugs, we may also control predators of other pests, and in turn, have flare-ups of other pests."

Jacob hasn't seen any yet on his orchard. But, four have been found this year locally.

USDA researchers in Wapato are now studying them, hoping to keep them from making a big stink in the valley.

Mike Bush said no one knows at this point knows how many brown marmorated stink bugs are actually in Yakima County.

Invasive stink bugs found in Yakima County; could threaten crops

Brown marmorated stink bugs are marbled in color, with light and dark bands on their antennae.