iPads distracting students at Naches High School

iPads distracting students at Naches High School
NACHES, Wash. -- Screens instead of pages. They've been used for half the school year in Naches High School. A 21st century teaching tool meant to be engaging and convenient.

But when you give kids an iPad, it's no surprise they'll find a way to play with it rather than work from it. It's caused the school district to take a closer look and change some policies."

"There was a buzz (when the iPads were first came out)," said Superintendent Duane Lyons. "What are the best apps to take notes, or do this or that. And then it moved to games, gaming."

Lyons says they've become a distraction. There have been incidents of gaming and texting in class.

"To me, it's kind of the same as when we were in school passing notes," said Naches parent Michele Ellenburger. "It's just now technology."

Michele has two boys in Naches High School. That means two iPads full of games.

Michele asked her son, "Are you supposed to have games? And he said, yeah we can."

"How prevalent, how bad the problem is, we're not sure," said Lyons. "But it is big enough to try to do something. We're taking the app store off so they can't download anymore apps, including downloading games."

The new policy will start Monday. However, Lyons says it will probably continue to evolve.

"We want to bring it back as students show they are making good grades, not getting in trouble," said Lyons.

Overall, it seems both parents and school officials believe the iPads are a good thing. It's just a matter of finding that balance between learning and fun.

KIMA took this a step further. We called several other school districts in the Yakima Valley to check their policies. Naches is the only one where students are given iPads to take home. Districts like Sunnyside and West Valley only use them in certain classrooms. Students have no access to downloading applications.