Zillah man shot while interrupting burglary in his home

Zillah man shot while interrupting burglary in his home
ZILLAH, Wash. -- Deputies tell Action News a 35 year old man walked into a burglary inside of his home here along the 1000 block of Roza Drive.

He confronted the two men and was shot in the stomach. We're told he's in the hospital doing OK.

"They just drive around until they find places where it looks fairly open," said Larry Prindle, who lives next door and saw emergency crews responding.

Larry said this is the second time his neighbor's home was broken into.

Neighbors said they feel their community has been the target of burglaries.

Larry said his house was also broken into last Christmas.He says he's heard about thieves targeting Zillah neighbors for their gun collections.

Larry says he didn't want to be a sitting duck and installed a surveillance system.

"I've got two on the corner on the house. I've got them on the back side of the house," Larry said.

A simple check on Crimereports.com shows at least a dozen thefts and burglaries in Zillah in recent months. Neighbors have mixed opinions about the incidents.

"It's silent here. It's really not loud at all," said one girl.

"I used to live in Toppenish. In Yakima. I used to live in a lot of places and it's a lot different in Zillah," said another man.

"It's a pretty quiet town but I hear a lot of stories of burglaries and stuff. But shootings? I don't see that," said a Zillah man.

Larry says he's one neighbor who's no longer taking chances.

"I went to the extent to get surveillance up so I can monitor, whether I'm here, it has motion sensors so I get triggered whenever there's any activity out here whatsoever," Larry said.

Another quiet town effected by the latest string of shootings.