Yakima's HopUnion donates K-9 unit to YPD

Yakima's HopUnion donates K-9 unit to YPD »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA learned the Yakima Police Department will soon hire a new employee. A new K-9 could be on the force come January.

It turns out Yakima didn't have to make room in the budget for the K-9. The cost of the dog, training and airline tickets for interviews are being covered by HopUnion in Yakima. The company says it's a way to give back and help fight crime.

"Officers that have to go into maybe a dark building with someone with a gun in it, now they can send the K-9 in and not put their own lives in jeopardy," said President and CEO Don Bryant. "I think it's a win win all the way around."

YPD says it's taking applications for the dog's handler.