Yakima woman set on fire recovering in Seattle

Yakima woman set on fire recovering in Seattle
YAKIMA, Wash. -- There are signs of improvement from the Yakima woman set on fire Thursday inside her apartment: She's now out of intensive care.

Elva Grant is now in satisfactory condition.

Court papers say she suffered second-degree burns on her shoulder, ear and face. Her ex-boyfriend, Stuart Bachman, appeared in court today. Police say he doused her with a chemical and ignited the flames.
Relatives hope he does serious time.

"My cousin will probably worry about her safety for a very long time," said Elva's cousin Abel Marichalar. "We feel that he should be going in for a long time and I don't think with these kind of charges that's going to happen. The way our judicial system works, it looks like he could get away with something that was very, very cruel that was done to a human person that was somebody we love very much."

Bachman is charged with arson and three counts of domestic violence. Court papers say a roommate saved Grant by kicking down a door after hearing her yell she was on fire.