Sex after arrest: Yakima trooper under criminal investigation resigns

Sex after arrest: Yakima trooper under criminal investigation resigns »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash.  --  A Yakima trooper accused of having sex with a woman he arrested last March is now off the job after putting in his letter of resignation.

It took KIMA months after filing our public records request, to get a copy of trooper Travis Lamb's 1,800 page criminal investigation that centered around lies, sex and misconduct on the job.

Investigators say Travis Lamb had sex with a woman he arrested for driving drunk just three hours after booking her into jail.

She told detectives, "Lamb showed up in his patrol car and in his work uniform."
"Was it determined that Trooper Lamb broke the law?" KIMA asked.

"The detectives indicate in their report that they felt he had violated the official misconduct statute," said Washington State Patrol  Spokesperson Bob Calkins.

But how did it get to that point? KIMA tracked down one of the people in the report who picked the woman up from jail and saw Lamb talking to her.

"They talked for probably half an hour," said Witness Casey Riggle.

Internal documents indicate the woman claims her friend invited Lamb over to have a threesome.

That didn't happen but the woman states she had sex with Lamb, and that the trooper left her a note on her door the next day, signed with what appeared to be a heart.

"We expect our troopers to maintain an appropriate arm's length relationship with those who may come in contact professionally." said Calkins.

Investigators determined Lamb went off-duty minutes before arriving at the woman's house in uniform.

According to the report, Lamb initially denied everything but eventually admitted having sex with the woman while off-duty.

The report indicates Lamb told the woman, "he had missed several calls during the time they allegedly had sex and that he was on call until 8 am."

Both sides indicate the sex was consensual but it wasn't an appropriate choice for a WSP Trooper.

"This behavior is not representative of the other 2,300 men and women of the State Patrol," said Calkins.

To get all sides, KIMA contacted Travis Lamb directly but he didn't want to talk on camera.

Lamb told Action News he resigned over the way the investigation was handled and that this was his dream job.

He called walking away the toughest thing he's ever done.

The investigation was turned over to Yakima County prosecutors. KIMA got in touch with prosecutor Ken Ramm who said he reviewed the case, but no charges were ever filed.

Lamb told detectives the woman acted out of jealousy after telling her he wasn't interested in a relationship.

Detectives concluded the woman's story was more credible; and since Lamb resigned, there's nowhere else for this tale of bad behavior to go.

Prosecutors never returned our calls to explain why they never filed charges. Because Lamb resigned, Washington State Patrol said it never conducted an internal investigation into the alleged misconduct.

The woman in this case did not want to be identified so we couldn't speak to her.

Investigators don't believe her DUI case was impacted in anyway by their sexual relationship.