Yakima to resurface 90 miles of road this summer

Yakima to resurface 90 miles of road this summer
YAKIMA, Wash. -- The warm months ahead means you can expect to see lots of road repairs around Yakima. The city will be resurfacing 90 miles of roads this summer. That means driving around town could get tricky.

You don't have to drive far in Yakima to hit some potholes or uneven surfaces. Tony Sandoval knows firsthand the toll driving on these roads can have on your car.

"One of my tires, one of the bolts broke and it must have been from a lot of the you know, doing the pot holes and stuff it takes a wear and tear," Sandoval said.

Wear and tear that he says will cost him almost $200 to repair.

The good news for drivers is the city is ready to work on these roads. Last summer, Yakima started resurfacing our streets in response to results from the citizen survey indicating you wanted them fixed. This summer they'll continue with 90 miles of resurfacing through a grind and overlay process.

"I like that the city is listening to the community and doing as we vote, I guess indirectly, I'm excited because I use these roads a lot," said Sandoval.

KIMA called the city and got a list of nearly 20 stretches of road that will be worked on this summer. Some of the big ones include 4th Avenue from Yakima Avenue to Lincoln, Tieton Drive from 16th Avenue to 32nd Avenue and again from 40th to 48th, and 16th Avenue from Washington to Nob Hill Boulevard.

Officials say they'll be resurfacing the streets from May to mid-November. City Council is planning to pay for the work with a $15 million bond. The city would repay about $2 million a year.

It's work officials say is long overdue: work that will eliminate a bumpy ride.

"I have a tiny car that hits every single one, so that's never fun, but we do see them making an effort to do better," said Lelani Tucker.

Complete list of roads to be resurfaced:

- 40th Avenue from Summitview to Fruitvale
- 16th Avenue from Nob Hill to Englewood
- Tieton Drive from 16th to 32nd
- Tieton Drive from 40th to 48th
- Summitview from 56th to 62nd
- Lincoln Avenue from 24th to 32nd
- 24th Street from Washington to Nob Hill
- Washington Avenue from 15th Ave. to 1st St.
- Mead from 11th Ave. to Fair Ave.
- Nob Hill from 3rd Ave. to bridge
- Nob Hill from 42nd to 49th
- Lincoln Avenue from 16th Avenue to 10th St.
- MLK Blvd. from Pierce to 10th Street
- E St. from 5th Avenue to 1st St.
- 3rd Ave. from Walnut to D St.
- 4th Ave. from Yakima Ave. to Lincoln
- 4th Ave. from Tieton to Walnut
- 6th St. from Pacific Avenue to 8th St.