Yakima teen with no arms doesn't let his disability define him

Yakima teen with no arms doesn't let his disability define him »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- A young man in Yakima has an amazing story. He's a senior at Davis High School who does more with less. Technically, he's disabled. But, he certainly doesn't allow it to stop him.

The phrase, "'less is more" has never been more true.

"He's complete in every way," said teacher Tracie Johnson.

"Probably one thing I can't do is tie my shoes," said Davis senior David Gomez.

What some might consider a disability, David considers motivation.

"It's no excuse to isolate yourself or to stop doing what you want to do in life," said David.

It's that attitude that has those around him in awe.

"He's an inspiration," said Johnson. "It's kind of hard to come in here and say, 'I'm sick, I can't go to class.' Really? You can go to class. You can do a lot of things."

It's what David strives to prove everyday. Things you might think require 5 fingers or two hands, David does with none of it. Even the things teenagers do that drive teachers a little crazy.

"When David came in we thought, 'Oh, we won't have to worry about that,'" said Johnson. "And I look up, and he's texting."

The texting might seem ordinary, but his impact at Davis is not. From the the school resource officer to Ms. Johnson to the friends he texts, it's clear the kindness he gives -- he passes on to others. Even extending the hand he doesn't have.

After graduation, David plans to stay in state for college and study to be a doctor.