Yakima saving thousands to cover graffiti

Yakima saving thousands to cover graffiti »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Graffiti covers the city of Yakima. It's on nearly every block. And the paint used to cover the tagging -- is coming out of your wallet. KIMA learned Yakima has been getting paint way cheaper than what you'd find on the shelf in a hardware store.

"No matter how many times I paint it, it's just a new mural for them," said Richard Gonzales, who paints over his company's graffiti.

But, when the murals are painted on Yakima property, it's your dime paying for the paint.

"If graffiti taggers would understand what it's costing us as a community to battle graffiti," said Neighborhood Development Services Manager, Archie Matthews. "That money could be used toward pools, skate parks."

Could, but with graffiti on nearly every block, money continues to be spent to cover it up. But the price of Yakima's paint might surprise you. While a gallon at a hardware store might cost $20-30, a deal made with an Oregon paint company knocks the city's price down to just $.23 a gallon.

"We just had to pay the trucking to ship it up here," said Matthews.

The trucking cost a mere 800 dollars for about 2,500 gallons of paint. It's a deal to repaint the messes in Yakima without costing you too much green.

Yakima is coming to the end of the 2,500 gallon supply bought back in 2008. However, the city is confident the Oregon company will be more than happy to donate another batch.