Yakima mental health court to start in a month

Yakima mental health court to start in a month »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A new Mental Health Court in Yakima County could be up and running earlier than expected. Leaders approved the money to start the program in about a month.

The program is similar to drug court. It will help treat inmates with mental health problems instead of sending them to jail.

They will live on the outside and check in weekly with authorities. Court administrators say it should cut the number of people who re-offend.

Graduates of the drug court, hope this will have similar success.

"Being in drug court myself before, it made me accountable and responsible and I think those are things that not only alcoholics and drug addicts but mental health people have issues with," said drug court graduate, Dwain Stanley.

The pilot program for mental health court will start with ten inmates.