Yakima kicking out the homeless

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima’s homeless are getting kicked out. The city gave people a 72-hour notice to leave the camp they set up under a highway.

An area under the State Route 12 bridge has housed the homeless for years, but Yakima says: no more.

"We can't just let people trespass and continue to live the way they are up there," said Codes supervisor Glenn Denman.

People living here don't have anywhere else to go. Yakima City Code Enforcement said there's been a rise in complaints that they can't ignore.

"They've had fires under there and apparently there's drug activity," said Denman.

"So we've moved them out of this area, but now they are just going to move somewhere else,” said Action News. “What is the solution to this?"

"I don't know what the solution is," said Denman.

Bob Barbee watched from the street and thinks Yakima needs to do more than just make them leave.

"If you are going to kick them out then find some place for them to stay you know because that's their only home,” he said. “I tell people it's by the grace of God that's not you"

No Trespass signs have gone up. That allows police to arrest anyone on the property. It solves the homeless problem here, but likely only moves it somewhere else.

Yakima plans to move more of the homeless on Monday.