Yakima home burglars taking easy to grab items

Yakima home burglars taking easy to grab items
YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA Crime Tracker learned about a spike in home burglaries in Yakima. They've been popping up in one neighborhood in particular over the last few months. Action News found out the burglars are taking whatever's easy to grab.

Neighbors living here on Englewood Avenue said it's a great place to live.

"It's a beautiful place and I've been here for 35 years," said Duarte Fernandes.

He liked it so much he convinced his sister and son to move next door. But, he's starting to get concerned after finding out about burglaries in the neighborhood.

"I heard about them a little bit above, a little bit down," he said.

Over the last four months, there has been a spike in burglaries from North 22nd Avenue to North 27th Avenue in the Englewood area. Burglars are hitting the 2200, 2600 and 2700 block of Englewood the hardest. The thieves are taking small things like PlayStations and jewelry but, leaving big items like TVs behind. This has some neighbors thinking it might be someone living nearby.

"You know it's scary because we work our whole lives and they can come and take everything away,” said Fernandes.

That's why neighbors like Fernandes have alarms, dogs and even cameras.

"I think it's because the economy is bad,” he said. “You know, people have no money and they are looking for a way to survive."

Whether it's because of the economy, drugs or something else, the people around Englewood are now watching the neighborhood closely.

Police have not made any arrests connected to the burglaries.