Yakima averages about 2 hit-&-run accidents per day

Yakima averages about 2 hit-&-run accidents per day
YAKIMA, Wash. – Hit and run accidents are a serious problem here in Yakima. They basically happen once or twice a day and can have deadly results.

KIMA pulled the numbers to find out where the accidents happen and how often.

Edgar Baeza's neighbor was hit by a car just outside of his home.
"I heard a thump and I heard a girl scream,” Edgar said
Edgar ran outside. His neighbor was bloodied and clinging for life.
"He was just unconscious and just gasping for air,” Edgar said.
Edgar tried to spot the car responsible, but the driver took off.

"I just heard a car then rev up and just take off even faster,” Edgar said.

KIMA pulled the numbers and found out hit and run accidents practically happen every day. YPD indicates there were 522 hit and runs in 2011. That number jumped to 782 last year.

We've seen 282 already this year.

It can be as simple as a car scraping a mailbox. Or worse, when a car hits someone. KIMA learned that happens about five times a year in Yakima. Most often near South 3rd Street.

Police say there's no way to prevent the accidents or the poor decisions drivers make after they happen.

Police say drivers most likely flee the scene because they're afraid of getting caught. They might not have a license, insurance or they're even wanted by police.

Cherese Allen's friend is currently in the hospital, weeks after being hit by a car on South 3rd Street.

The driver eventually surrendered.
"Everybody has his ups and downs and I'm sure he had his, but he didn't deserve that,” Cherese said.

Cherese hopes her friend survives.

"I hope he can be strong enough to push forward and stay alive,” Charese said.

Pushing forward after being unexpectedly taken down by someone who decided to run.

Accidents involving a pedestrian aren't always the driver's fault. It becomes a crime when the driver flees the scene.