Yakima superintendent: Showing Davis plans too early might've been mistake

Yakima superintendent: Showing Davis plans too early might've been mistake
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Teachers and students at the Davis High School Performing Arts Department say they're getting the short end of the stick.

"We as teachers and our students feel we are not important to them," said Director of Davis Bands, Jon Conrad.

Jon says his department is taking the brunt of the district's revision for the Davis High remodel.

The board denied the first round of bids after they all came in at least $7 million over budget. Now, they're scaling back the design. Yakima Superintendent, Elaine Beraza, says showing the plans too early might have mislead people.

The performing arts department says most of the cuts will come in their department.

It means less class place and and fewer renovations to the auditorium.

Students like James Vera say it's unfair.

"I've actually visited Ike. It seems like they were favored much more than we did, even though we're working as hard as we can," James said.

Students and teachers I spoke to say classroom space is the most important but they are also worried about the outdated auditorium.
They say if the renovations aren't done now it might be another 40 years until they're completed.

I spoke with the Yakima Schools Superintendent. She says the bids came in over budget because the plans for the Davis auditorium renovations were too expensive.

They have to cut back there and will likely cut classroom space in the performing arts department. I asked her if thinks every student will have an adequate supply of classroom space.

"Sure. I think they will have more than they have now in many ways. Will it be the design they were fore-shown? No," Beraza said.

As a senior, James says he's sad future students won't have the new facility they thought was coming.

"A freshman, they're going to be seniors when this whole things over. I really want them for their last year to have something looking forward to," James said.