Yakima County pretrial program back on the table

Yakima County pretrial program back on the table »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- An idea that was taken off the table is now a possibility in the county once again. Yakima County is looking into better options to pay for a pretrial program.

The law and justice committee spent the weekend in Spokane looking for cheaper ways to afford a pretrial program. Spokane's version has saved them thousands.

However the county originally said they didn't have $700,000 to start it up. It would have let low-risk offenders get out early on supervision instead of paying to keep them in jail.

"We're going to have to moderate it and do baby steps instead of a full blown program right away," said Court Administrator, Harold Delia. "So we are looking at that now. How we can make this work."

Delia says they are looking into state and federal grants, as well as asking commissioners to pitch in. He tells us every department within the law and justice committee is on board.