YVCC tries to save vital student resource

YVCC tries to save vital student resource
YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA learned a resource for students at YVCC might not be available this year. A grant that funded the Multicultural Center expired.

Students used the Center to get help with financial aid and other counseling. YVCC says the program's director was reassigned to another department.

Administrators say they're looking for a way to save the center.

"It if wasn't for one of the helpers Mara Ve, I wouldn't be here today," said student, Sergio Avila."She's the one that helped with financial aid and everything. I went everyday for help. And there's 20 students minimum there at the multicultural and they were all being helped there."

The Multicultural Center would not be closed due to budget cuts. However, the school has been dealing with cuts since 2008. YVCC already increased tuition for full time students by about 13 percent.