Woman sent to hospital after crash at uncontrolled intersection

Woman sent to hospital after crash at uncontrolled intersection

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A  serious accident on North 26th and Fairbanks Avenues Thursday morning sent a woman to the hospital. It's an intersection without any traffic control. Police said the driver of the Jeep failed to yield.

Neighbor Jose Olavarrieta says the accident's carnage is something he has gotten used to.

"It's a bad intersection," said Jose. "There's been so many accidents here."

The reason? Jose says it's the lack of stop signs. The intersection is considered uncontrolled.

"I go to a lot of accidents and a lot are uncontrolled intersections," said Officer Darryl Henning.

There are no traffic signs in any direction and no stop light. In these cases, the law says drivers should yield to cars to the right even when there's no way to know the crossing has no safeguards.

"Follow the law and slow down, instead of going blindly into an intersection," said Officer Henning.

That didn't happen Thursday morning. And it didn't happen in the seven other accidents here in the last four years. That's about two a year.

"I would like to tell the city that if they can put a four-way stop or look into it," said Jose.

After KIMA called the city and pulled the accident numbers, Yakima says it will look into the problem.

Until then, Jose worries he'll have a front row seat to more accidents. And, hopes his friends or family aren't caught in the middle.

Yakima Streets and Traffic Department tells us it doesn't have an exact count of intersections like this, but admits there are several in the city.

Investigators say the woman hurt in Thursday's accident did not have life threatening injuries.