Wild Rose fire 15 percent contained, 25 homes still threatened

Wild Rose fire 15 percent contained, 25 homes still threatened
RIMROCK RETREAT, Wash. -- Dozens of homes are threatened by the Wild Rose fire burning near Rimrock Retreat; it's the largest of those burning as part of the Yakima Complex Fire.

"We're starting to bring out bags of videos that we have," said Rimrock Retreat neighbor Bill Burkatt.

Burkatt and his wife loaded their truck and prepared to haul away valuables from their summer home.

The cabin has been in the family since the 1940's and is now threatened by the nearby Wild Rose fire.

"We have a pile of dead leaves needles over there that we want to get soaked," said Burkatt.

Despite doing all that he can, Bill and his wife are still worried.

"We're really anxious because we'd hate to lose the cabin because of the sentimental value to the family," said Burkatt.

The wildfire is located near Rimrock Lake in the Rimrock Retreat area West of Naches.

Firefighters spent Wednesday putting out hotspots.

Steep terrain makes it difficult for fire firefighters to reach the northeast corner of the fire.

Helicopters dropped fire retardant to get the spots crews on the ground can't reach.

The fire threatened at least 25 homes and burned over 2,000 acres. It has nearby neighbors on watch, monitoring what's going on around the clock.

"I've done a lot of stuff around the clock and it sure wasn't watering the roof of my house," said Rhonda Guizar.

But, that's the new reality for Guizar.

"I'm a nervous wreck. It's been pretty bad for the past five days,” said Guizar. "I've stayed up all night and keep the house watered down."

The Department of Natural Resources said falling debris from the fire is still a threat.

Crews are creating containment lines behind homes like Bill's to stay one step ahead of the fire that is still only 15 percent contained.

Explosives might be used to keep the flames in check. There are no mandatory evacuations for the Wild Rose fire.

DNR expects more progress Wednesday night and containment to reach 20 percent.