When will your street finally be repaired?

When will your street finally be repaired?
YAKIMA, Wash. -- On Yakima's recent city survey, over 75% of people said they aren't happy with our roads.

KIMA also frequently receives your concerns through e-mail and Facebook as well.

"Pot holes, even concrete,” said one Yakima taxpayer.

"They're trash. There's bump everywhere, when I drive I hit my car all the time,” said a woman from North Yakima.

"Well they need fixed, obviously,” said a Yakima man.

The city's solution was a $30 car tab fee. However, this week council threw the car tab idea out the window. Instead, the plan is to use about $2 million dollars from the general fund. The money will come from expiring bonds and a projection in sales tax.

In addition, council wants to require that $2 million is set aside every year for roads. However, first they want you to vote on whether that's how the money should be sent.

It's another added step in getting repairs started on your street. I took your concerns to city council.

REPORTER: "Some people are sitting at home saying, come on guys can't we get started on these roads?"

"Right, and there were some of us saying, come on guys let’s find the money, you know. And now we found it. I'm happy that we don't have to ask the voters for more money,” said council member, Sara Bristol.

I'm told the uneven streets aren't the only problem. Believe or not, the city says just because a street is smooth doesn't mean it's structurally sound, and that it might be in need of more repairs than that bumpy street you're used to driving on.

The added money of a car tab fee may no longer be coming out of your pocket.

However taxpayers still have a loud and clear message for the city of Yakima.

"I would say fix my street,” said a Yakima woman.

When that will happen, still to be determined.

Yakima will finalize the $2 million dollar figure for the charter imitative at the next meeting. You will vote in August.