What could you buy in Yakima with $550K

What could you buy in Yakima with $550K »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's the kind of money you can't help but think about. The Powerball Jackpot is a record $550 million. It has kept lottery machines busy all over the Yakima Valley.

We wanted to see what you could get buy in Yakima. You could buy about $11 million Sundome concert tickets. How about helping about 90,000 students with their YVCC tuition? What about $22 million bottles of Yakima Valley Wine?

It's a lot of money and people we talked to say they just couldn't pass up the chance to win.

"If you don't buy one, your odds are zero," said past lotto winner Willy Smith. "Maybe it's fifty million to one, but you could be that one."

"I'd go to Hawaii, I'd go to Florida and it'd be nice to pay off my grandma's house and buy one of my own," said Holly Milburn, who bought a last minute ticket.

The drawing is Wednesday at 8 o'clock. You have until 7:00 to buy your ticket!