Police investigate possible luring attempt in West Valley

Police investigate possible luring attempt in West Valley
WEST VALLEY, Wash. -- West Valley School District confirms a student was approached by a "stranger" this morning while waiting to catch the bus in the Apple Valley neighborhood and said the incident is being investigated by Yakima police.

The following release was sent to parent's Thursday:


In one of our Apple Valley neighborhoods this morning (approximately 61st and Lincoln) we have reason to believe a student was approached by a stranger. Today’s incident occurred as the student was waiting for the bus outside her home. The student reported that a man approximately in his 40’s, and with a beard approached her in a lifted, dark blue truck. The family saw the truck through their window, and as they opened the door to come outside the student ran back home. We are continuing to investigate this incident with help from our district office and the Yakima Police Department

Our students’ safety is our top priority. Please review the safety tips with your children. Develop a plan for what your child should do if approached by a stranger. Remind him/her not to approach strangers that call or approach him/her. Keep a distance or run away and do not accept gifts/candy from strangers. Never get in the car with anybody they don’t know, even if they are dressed in a uniform. Do not go with anyone who asks for directions or help, promises gifts, offers a ride, or tells them they have been sent to pick them up. Call 9-1-1 after any encounter with a stranger and give police the license number if possible, and description of the car and driver at a minimum. Students should immediately run home or to a familiar home if they feel in danger. On the way to school they should run into the office and report immediately.

We hope to deter criminals with more adult presence, keeping a watchful eye on students waiting for buses, and walking to and from school. Please call 9-1-1 if you see anything or anyone suspicious.

Thank you,
Mike Brophy