Wapato trying to keep Community Center open

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WAPATO, Wash. -- There was no formal decision made regarding the future of Wapato's Community Center at Monday night’s city council meeting.

However, the Mayor says the city is working to keep the Community Center’s doors open.

Moms like Lori Garcia are worried that Wapato will lose one of its only athletic and after-school programs.

"My fear is that there won't be any sports and there won't be anything for our kids to the do in the community so they'll be out in the streets causing problems,” Lori said.

There isn't a parks and recreation department in Wapato.

Lori says the Wapato Community Center is the only place for her children to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities.

However the community center is in jeopardy of closing its doors.

The Wapato Youth Athletic League operates the city-owned
community center. The league says it can't afford to pay the insurance to keep it running.

Lori and her husband brought their two children to Monday night's council meeting. Lori spoke before the council, asking them to consider helping out the Wapato Youth Athletic League.

"There's not much more to do other than the community center,” Lori said.

The mayor tells Action News the city is going to try to help the league review its costs and potentially help them out.

We asked the mayor if the city is interested in keeping the community center open.

"Absolutely,” said mayor Jesse Farias. “Why wouldn't we not?"

Its news that Lori and her children say they're happy to hear.

"Whatever keeps the sports in Wapato, I'm for,” Lori said.