Wapato Youth Athletic League will get back keys to community center

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WAPATO, Wash.-- Carrie Osorio and her two daughters say the Wapato Community Center and the Youth Athletic League is their only outlet for extra-curricular sports in the city.

"They do lots of movies in the park. And we've been using it for lots of sports activities. We do soccer, baseball and they have pee-wee basketball as well,” Carrie said.

But all that changed when Action News told you about the community center suddenly closing its doors this summer.

The city contracted with the Wapato Athletic League to run the community center. But the league couldn't afford the insurance.

After, the volunteer league questioned whether it could continue running the organized sports.

"It would be pretty sad because baseball is really fun for me and my sister,’ said 11-year-old Madelyn Osorio.

For months the community center sat vacant. However, Monday night, council voted to allow the league to once again operate the facility.

"It never was a question of if they were the group to do it or not to do it. The question was, could they afford the insurance,” Mayor Jesse Farias said.

The mayor says the athletic league will run the community center for two years, as long as it has proof of insurance. It means spring and summer athletics will likely resume without a problem.

Carrie hopes the city keeps this latest issue in mind when it comes to making future decisions.

"I just want the city to keep in mind that Wapato is a very small town. People here want the best for their children and I think that the council needs to keep that in mind when they talk about taking away sports as an activity for kids that are in an underprivileged area that's not well-served,” Carrie said.