Volunteers prep for a beautiful Spring

Volunteers prep for a beautiful Spring »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash.-- Wind and clouds weren't enough to put a damper on plans to clean up the Yakima Arboretum this morning. Dozens of volunteers sprung into action today to clean more than 30 acres of land.

Hundreds of dollars are saved by having nearly a hundred volunteers clean up the Yakima arboretum.

"We have a lot of grasses, weeds, leaves to rake and this gets us ready for the spring," said Jheri Ketcham, a co-executive director.

She says the 'Pullin' of the Greens' even keeps the nonprofit going.

"We can use the finances for the things we want to do," Ketcham said.

Volunteers came from all different groups. Some from the rotary, the bonsai club, and master gardeners. Members and volunteers came out themselves.

"This whole community is just a volunteering community," said volunteer Steve Emhoff.

Kids came out with their parents and grandparents to share the same task: making a space in Yakima beautiful for all to enjoy for free at any time of year.

"They've got a lot of acreage out here, a lot of trees," Emhoff said.

32 acres and not enough help to keep up the land.

"We have one full time groundskeeper and a half time grounds assistant so we definitely need this help," said Ketcham.

It's the help that makes having the arboretum open year-round possible.

"Without volunteer help they could never get this all done," said Emhoff.

The event happens once a year every year, but this year that could change as they're considering a second.

Ten of the volunteers that came out today were from a new program meant to keep teens out of trouble. The juvenile detention center brought the kids to weed and pick up trash.