Vision coming to life for Yakima Airport Terminal

Vision coming to life for Yakima Airport Terminal
YAKIMA, Wash.-- It's been a work in progress since March of 2011. The Yakima Air Terminal Master Plan finally has an end in sight. The final draft is completed and almost ready to be sent to the FAA for review.

It's a small airport that's had its struggles. Since 2011, a master plan has been in the works to get people to use it more often.

"It would be helpful for people if they did have a computer workstation or even options to eat," said Billy Byrnes, who uses the Yakima Air Terminal 3 times a year.

Those are some of the things on the list. The plan aims to rearrange the seats, check-in counters and security lines in the terminal. It would also add more food options, electronic work stations and a new ATM.

"I think speed and convenience is the most important thing," Byrnes said.

Both runways would also be extended. The money is there to do the work from Yakima's Capital Improvement Fund. All it takes is final approval from Yakima and then the FAA to make it happen.

"I'm definitely excited about it. It'll provide a better convenience to the passengers," said Robert Peterson, the Interim Airport Manager.

Some money has already been spent to add new planters. Fixing cracks in the runway will be done this month to keep passengers from tripping before getting on a plane. All three rental car companies are in the process of moving to their own space instead of sharing like they do now.

"I think it's a good idea," Byrnes said.

Ideas that add up to half a million dollars. Changes intended to make the Yakima Airport a more attractive place to fly.

Approved changes to the airport are slated to be in construction by 2020. The consultant company 'Airplanners' is still working on a separate plan to have more flights to and from Seattle.