Upcoming road delays in Yakima & Kittitas Counties

Upcoming road delays in Yakima & Kittitas Counties
YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.-- Spring's thaw will bring some heavy lifting. It's that time when highway construction starts up again. Drivers will see a few projects at work this month.

"You're having to switch lanes and there's a wall of traffic blocking you," said Charlene Krentz, a Yakima driver.

Crews from the Department of Transportation have four projects scheduled to start in April. A fifth on I-90 is already underway.

"People should avoid trying to go across I-90 toward sunset," said Randy Giles, an Assistant Construction Engineer with the Department of Transportation.

Right now, there's only shoulder work on I-90. That will turn into more involved rock blasting. Delays could be up to an hour when that happens.

Repaving the Satus Creek Bridge that was supposed to be finished last year will pick up again.

"That project's a little bit behind so they're going to be coming in working days and nights to try and finish that project," Giles said.

There will also be more "chip-seals" in Yakima and Kittitas Counties compared to recent years. The loose rocks laid over hot tar could hurt your car.

"If people don't drive slow like they're supposed to then it can throw rocks up and sometimes you'll get broken windshields," Giles said.

Drivers like Charlene know what to expect.

"It's inconvenient when they block your path to work, but it's got to be done," Krentz said.

DOT will also continue work on White Pass, repaving Highway 97 in Wapato and fixing five bridges in Kittitas county. Repaving I-82 will begin in July.

DOT is also in the process of planning a new I-82 interchange in Union Gap. It's in the early design stage.