Union Gap will demolish City Hall; build temporary modular unit

UNION GAP, Wash. -- Monday night, council voted unanimously to demolish city hall and build a new, $120,000 modular unit.

The inner workings of City Hall came to a screeching halt this summer when it was discovered the building was a haven for mold.

City leaders were forced to find an alternative, healthy working environment for employees. The city didn't have a building large enough to temporarily house all employees, so they were spread out at various locations around town.

The old building will be demolished early next year and the modular will stand in its place.

The unit will bring together all the employees and offices again. City officials say it's a short term solution but one that people have been hoping for.

"The citizens are well aware that city hall is broke out into many buildings right now and bringing it back together solves a lot of community interest issues and that's what we're looking for," said City Administrator, Chris Jensen.

The modular unit will be up and running by year's end. It will serve as city hall for at least 5 years.