Union Gap nursing home's license revoked after workers go unpaid

Union Gap nursing home's license revoked after workers go unpaid »Play Video

UNION GAP, Wash.  --  The lights are on but Union Gap's Parkside Nursing Care Center employees haven't been paid. Workers here told Action News they don't know why.

KIMA took action and learned the state revoked the nursing home's license this week after the payroll problems reached the the Department of Social Health Services.

In a letter to the nursing home, DSHS said the lack of payroll money jeopardizes resident health and safety.

And, emergency action must be taken to safeguard those residents' health, safety and welfare.

To get all sides, we contacted the nursing home and found out it was changing owners because of financial problems.

A deal scheduled for the end of the year got pushed up for Prestige Care to take control immediately.

KIMA asked, "DSHS said Parkside's state license has been revoked. What does that mean for the people here at the nursing home?"

"It was revoked [Tuesday]. That revocation rescinded [Wednesday]. We're given a full clean license to operate Parkside," said Prestige Care Vice President and Chief Operating Officer David Henderson.

Still, we wanted to know if patient care is in jeopardy.

"No, there's nothing for them to worry about," Henderson said. "The staff at the building have been professional all week long and have come to work every single day."

A Parkside administrator said this is the first time employees have gone without pay.

But, during KIMA's investigation we learned this is not the first time this facility has been cited by state health officials.

The nursing home is listed as having below average health inspections on the federal government's Medicare website.

We dug deeper and found 16 health discrepancies in a little over a year.

KIMA has done other stories about this nursing home over the years. Most notably, when the home was cited for not following doctors orders in dressing wounds.

"There was significant decay with the formation of a number of maggots..." said a family attorney to KIMA in 2008.

All of the earlier discrepancies were corrected. As for current employees getting paid, the new owners said they have printed checks that are on the way now.

Prestige Care says the money it's putting up Wednesday to pay employees will be repaid by the old company.

KIMA also learned the state took away the license of a nursing home owned by the same company near Wenatchee.

That license was recently reinstated when the new owners took over there.