East Valley High teacher and student battling same rare cancer

East Valley High teacher and student battling same rare cancer »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- At 17 years old Lindsay Freeburg was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She was told she had GIST, Gastro Intestinal Stromal Turmors. It's so uncommon, she says even the American Cancer Society doesn't have a fund for it.

"Of course I felt like I didn't deserve it. Because, you know I mean, they always say bad things happen to good people," Lindsay said.

Linday was a senior at East Valley High school when she found out in 2007. Little did she know, a life skills teacher, Tempest Samborn, happened to be battling the same disease. Today, Lindsay and Tempest walked together at the GIST Walk For A Cure at Sarg Hubbard Park.

""There's a lot of emotions here and we're really trying raise money for it because we're trying to find a cure as fast as we can and help out some of our own," said Teanna Bentley, an East Valley High School Sophomore.

Tempest organized the event to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for the cancer. Over a hundred volunteers and walkers from as far as Seattle and Portland showed up to participate.

"I hope through events like this we will find a cure and that I'll live many many more years," said Tempest.

The cancer is considered terminal, but Lindsay and Tempest say their conditions are good. Lindsay says events like these raise awareness for what they call orphan cancers.

"The money doesn't always go to these small ones and you have to have specialized events for these ones if you want any money to help people," Lindsay said.

Raising money and awareness, while raising hope for those who wake up to every morning to battle the horrible disease.

"I'm happy to be alive one more day," Lindsay said.