Turkey bowl showdown

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Jim Niedelman of KIMA-TV and Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley square off in the Yakima Grocery Outlet's 9th Annual Celebrity Turkey Bowl.
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's all about going hard core with turkeys. A week before Thanksgiving and the game is on.

There is one common enemy -- the pins! Knock them all down and a turkey goes to charity. It's the ninth annual Yakima Grocery Outlet's Celebrity Turkey Bowling.

Team K-I-M-A was ready with Alan Sillence, Heather Walker and yours truly. Alan provides the strategy.

"Are you cheating Alan?"

"Pretty much." Alan said. "If you ain't not cheating, you ain't trying."

And, Alan delivers with not one, but seven strikes. Heather would not be denied either. She finishes strongly with her third strike.

But, nothing matched this intensity. Yakima Mayor Micah Cawley and Jim Niedelman lay down the gauntlet head to head. It's a chance to take down City Hall. Luckily, the Marines were there to keep the peace.

A strike for Niedelman sent the mayor clearly off balance and on the verge of being down for the count. But, the only thing that counts here are the real people being helped.

"It means families with young children who can't afford Thanksgiving turkey will have one on the table," said Rosemary Rief, community coordinator for Northwest Harvest.

It turns out you can't keep City Hall down for long. The Mayor gets back on his feet and takes me down in our personal challenge: Five to three.

A total of 204 turkeys wound up being donated from the Celebrity Turkey Bowl event.