Top delinquent parking tickets for disabled stall violations

Top delinquent parking tickets for disabled stall violations
YAKIMA, Wash.-- Yakima's efforts to crack down on parking violators has resulted in thousands in unpaid fines. I filed a Public Records Request to see who isn't paying up and found most outstanding tickets are completely preventable.

Roberta Otterstein may use a cane, but she doesn't yet need to have a disabled parking permit. She says she'll walk the extra few feet so people who need the parking can have it.

"I had to park around the corner today because there was no parking over here," Otterstein said.

Not everyone parks around the corner. Disabled parking spots should be well known to drivers as off limits unless you have the appropriate permit. But, it seems some drivers in the city of Yakima have left that rule behind and continue to park in these spots.

"People that are healthy can walk the extra 30 steps to help the elderly or the disabled," she said.

The top 20 drivers who owe the most money in parking tickets have gotten those citations and failed to pay them by a set deadline. In all, those drivers owe just more than $10,000.

All 20 drivers have at least one disabled stall violation. Each of those tickets are $465.

"People just need to realize that people that need the parking need to be there and if they'd stay out of it they wouldn't be ticketed," Otterstein said.

The person who owes the most money in unpaid parking citations owes almost a grand. That's 2 disabled stall violations: one from September of this year, the other from October.

Roberta says it shows how often people take advantage of close, open spaces to park in.

"It makes it very hard for the people that need it," she said. "There's so many people out there that are disabled that need the parking."

The oldest delinquent ticket is from April of 2012. Drivers who don't pay up can't renew their license.

Some drivers on the list had tickets for parking in a timed zone for too long, or too close to a crosswalk. Those citations are only $35, so they all added to disabled stall violations.