Yakima raises thousands for Boston

Yakima raises thousands for Boston

YAKIMA, Wash.-- We may be thousands of miles away from Boston, but when tragedy happens, distance is irrelevant. That was made clear with a giant fundraiser for the bombing victims. What made the whole thing even more special is that two of the runners at today's event were at the Boston marathon when the bombs went off.

"The town is wonderful, the people were wonderful," said Sunnyside runner Doris Matson.

"The people of Boston are really supportive," another runner, Ryan Maxwell said.

After years of hard work, these Sunnyside runners were able to race in the Boston Marathon. But on Monday, fate intervened with the race of their dreams.

"I was heading back toward the start line to meet my girls and I saw the bomb go off," Matson said. "I realized right away which was really sad that it was a bomb, saw the second bomb go off."

It was a life-changing experience Doris will never forget and this weekend she pledged to help people affected by the tragedy. Just days ago, the Yakima Hard Core Runners Club decided to raise money for Boston after the tragic bombings. With only 48 hours, 200 people showed up to Sarg Hubbard Park in Yakima for a run through town.

"Every once in a while I just stop and go my goodness theres so many people that care," Matson said. "Thats what its all about is the people that care."

They raised more than $4,000 for the cause.

"It just shows the solidarity of our country and shows that when times get going, we're going to stick together and help each other out in a time of need," Maxwell said.

It's a time of need that brought the country together including folks here in the Yakima Valley.

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