'There's no justice being done'

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- One of the main suspects in the West Valley triple murder will not be going to jail. A judge dismissed all of Tracy Culton's charges yesterday, just one week before the 2 year anniversary of the murders. Now it seems like there may never be anyone to answer for the deaths of Bill, Pauline and Bettye Goggin.

"They were sweethearts and to think there's no justice being done that's what irritates me so bad," said Carmen Hamill, a neighbor and friend of the Goggins.

Some think it's the end of the road in a 2 year old triple murder case.

"The only other suspect they had has been let go and it's just, its hard to really comprehend at this moment," another neighbor, Fran Rose said.

Tracy Culton's case has been dismissed and friends of the late Betty, Bill, and Pauline Goggin want justice.

"This was such a horrific crime and one of the worst in the valley in 30 years," said Rose.

She wants the case to continue even without any additional suspects. But after 2 years and virtually nobody held accountable for the murders, her expectations aren't high.

"I would hope that they would continue their investigation," Rose said. "Personally I just don't have any hope that they're going to resolve this case. I think that they had the right person the first time so that's my opinion."

Carmen Hamill and her husband spent a lot of precious time with the Goggins.

"She always made things for me and felt like a member of the family," Hamill said.

She too, wants the case to go further than ending with the release of Tracy Culton.

"We still have hope," she said. "I don't want to give up hope that there will be some punishment."

Losing their friends have made them question their safety because without a suspect put away for the killings, it means there is a murderer on the loose.

"You have to almost live in a prison to feel that you're really secure and who wants to live like that," Hamill said.

For now, nobody will be behind bars for killing three members of the Goggin family: a case that still sends shock waves through this small community.

Kevin Harper is still in custody awaiting sentencing after striking a plea deal. Taxpayers paid 370-thousand dollars for his case. Tracy Culton's case was dismissed without prejudice. Information on the cost of her case will be released next week. That means charges can be filed at a later time.