'The guy was coming down the hill and they just didn't watch their speed'

'The guy was coming down the hill and they just didn't watch their speed'
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Snow leveled off early enough Wednesday to make for a fairly decent drive and by midday much of Yakima's main roads were cleared.

"They were fine coming from Ellensburg today. They were bare and wet almost. There's just a few spots where there's a little bit of slush," said driver Carol Cummings.

Yakima city crews said the conditions did not warrant bringing out the plows despite steady snow for hours on Christmas day. Trucks did however drop salt and sand.

Drivers still had their hands full and couldn't avoid getting into accidents.

"I just saw one right over there actually, just right over the hill," said Jace Elenich. "The guy was coming down the hill, and they just didn't watch their speed, you know. And, they start sliding. He actually ended in someone's yard."

Elenich said seeing cars speed by is nothing new

"I'll see people driving right by here, right next to this and they'll spray me, they'll spray anybody they want..like that right there!" Elenich said.

Now that the main streets have been addressed, the focus turns to residential neighborhoods as a lot of them remain blanketed by snow.

Neighbors did their share of work using smaller scale plows.

The city also dropped sand and salt in these spot and said crews will be on-call as temperatures drop into Wednesday night.