Terrace Heights shooting victim dies

Terrace Heights shooting victim dies
TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wash.-- It's an already sad story that only got worse. A Terrace Heights woman never recovered after being shot by her husband. McKaylee Higgs was pregnant when she was shot in her own bedroom. Her husband told deputies it was a terrible accident.

After five days in critical condition, 27-year-old McKaylee Higgs died along with her unborn baby.

"It's just really, really terrible," said neighbor Kathleen McGovern.

From the outset, Cory Lindblom told investigators he shot his wife before dawn when he thought she was an intruder. Deputies say Lindblom continues to cooperate in the case. Evidence tape is sealing all entrances to their house now because the investigation is ongoing.

"I don't know if it would have been sadder if it was a murder or if it was an accident," McGovern said. "Either way, this woman who was loved by a lot of people is gone."

Deputies provided more details about what happened in the home the morning Higgs was shot by her husband. Lindblom told investigators he started shooting when he woke up and saw someone in their bedroom. Deputies indicate the husband never asked who was there or said anything before firing his gun.

"When it came out that it was possibly an accident, I mean that's almost more tragic especially the fact that she was pregnant," McGovern said.

Investigators tell KIMA anywhere from two to nine shots were fired. Yakima County's coroner says Higgs was hit once in the back of her neck. The bullet ricocheted into her shoulder, damaged her spinal cord and caused her brain to swell.

The couple had a military background. McKaylee Higgs was still on active duty for the Air Force after moving here a few months ago from Georgia. Lindblom is a civilian employee at the Yakima Training Center and active duty reserve in the Air Force.

Yakima County Deputies will complete their investigation and hand everything over to prosecutors to determine whether charges will be filed. It's not clear if Cory Lindblom ever deployed with the military. A spokesperson for the Yakima Training Center tells KIMA that Lindblom still has his job. The Yakima County Coroner says McKaylee Higgs was still in her first trimester.