Sunnyside Police: Man involved in undercover drug bust has limited record

Sunnyside Police: Man involved in undercover drug bust has limited record
Photo by Heather Walker, Action News
SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Manuel Sanchez lived on East Maple Drive in Sunnyside.

On Thursday he left this quiet neighborhood for a scene that would shock the Yakima community-- an undercover drug bust that went bad in crowded parking lot.

According to Federal Documents,Sanchez agreed to meet undercover officers at Home Depot.

The document says Sanchez "reached out through his driver's side window with his left hand and handed the CS, or confidential source, a baseball glove."

In the glove, the criminal complaint says they exchanged two ounces of methamphetamine worth $2,000.

Officers say when they tried to arrest Sanchez, he tried running over them. They responded with gunfire and shot Sanchez. Sources told Action News he was hit in the face.The documents say undercover officers had been buying drugs from Sanchez
since June.

Sunnyside Police say their only record of Sanchez is limited to traffic violations.

One neighbor I spoke with said the house remained fairly quiet until he saw what looked like a drug bust go down just a few weeks ago. He says whoever lived here did return after wards.

Police could not confirm if there was an actual drug bust, however they tell me drug enforcement teams have been at the Maple Drive address before.

Every neighbor I spoke with did not want to go on camera for fear of retaliation. Some said they were never able to tell who actually lived in the house.

Authorities say Sanchez did live there at some point and now faces
methamphetamine and other drug related charges.