Sunnyside Charter Schools hopeful for a 2015 start

Sunnyside Charter Schools hopeful for a 2015 start »Play Video
SUNNYSIDE, Wash. -- Board members from the Charter Schools of Sunnyside are already preparing their application to apply for a charter school grant next year.

They weren't selected this year because they lacked the financial backing necessary. The Commission was impressed with their academic and organizational plans. With positive feedback from the commission, board members are confident they will be able to secure grant money from different fundraising sources next year.

"Offering for the first time and innovative alternative to the public school system, especially here in Sunnyside, and so it's critical that we offer just another choice for our students in Sunnyside," said Brittany Weaver, Board Chair of Charter Schools of Sunnyside

Por Vida Academy wanted to start a school in Yakima. It wasn't selected. The deadline to apply for a Fall 2015 startup is July 15th.