Students rally behind Highland High School coach in jeopardy of losing job

Students rally behind Highland High School coach in jeopardy of losing job »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Action News has learned Highland High School wrestling coach, Ryan Stonemetz, is in jeopardy of losing his position with the district.

We're told earlier this week he was overheard using curse words while correcting a student.

Luiz Nogales is a senior who said Stonemetz was upset with the student for not maintaining good grades.

"He might have said some inappropriate words but he was caring about him to pass his classes and I guess someone heard wrong and was trying to make it against the coach," Nogales said.

Many of the Highland High School students feel the same way about Stonemetz.

Within hours of the alleged incident, a Facebook page titled "Save Stoney" popped up online. It has over 100 likes and many comments from students supporting Stonemetz.

The story is apparently spreading quickly on the Highland High School Campus. However, it seems like the details are only being heard through the grapevine. Students said they've heard the coach has already been fired. The Superintendent tells Action News that's not true and it's an incident he's barely reviewed himself.

Many wrote on the Facebook page that they planned to rally at Tuesday nights school board meeting.

However none did after realizing the school board didn't have the subject on the agenda.

We're told Stonemetz will meet with the High School Principal Wednesday to discuss his future with the district.

Senior Mayra Iros said she wouldn't be surprised if the coach kept his job.

"Because I know he's a really good coach and he supports Highland a lot," Mayra said.

"As a coach he's trying to be responsible and have them do what their plan is, to keep their grades up," Luiz said.

Students standing behind a coach who they say supports them.