Student-led tours at Ike welcome the public

Student-led tours at Ike welcome the public »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash.-- School was in session Thursday in Yakima, at least at the new Eisenhower High School. It was an open house of sorts for the public to see how their taxpayer money was spent at the facility.

People came in to take tours and see the outcome of the $110,000,000 project. The bond and design process for the new building started in 2009. Now more than four years later, anyone can come in and check out the new school.

A dedication ceremony for the new Ike started at five. Students are excited to have the public here and thank them for taking part in giving them a new school.

"Because the community paid for it and they kind of get to see what their taxes went to and what's going on and some people get to see what's the new Ike like and how it's changed in 50 years," Eisenhower sophomore Haley Weiler said.

Students started leading tours around 3:30. The ceremony ended and tours continued until 7.