Murder Confession: Utah man was former Yakima Police informant

Murder Confession: Utah man was former Yakima Police informant
YAKIMA, Wash. -- The man who fled Utah and later confessed to Yakima Police about killing his girlfriend made his first court appearance Monday.

Steven Gray is under investigation after admitting he stabbed his girlfriend to death in Utah.

Investigators say Jennifer Brackenbury was dead for days before they found her.

"To have one that's as brutal as this, and not only the brutality of it but as far as how long the woman was left in the trailer before we found about it is disturbing," said Orem Police Department Sergeant Craig Martinez.

YPD says Gray walked into the police station Friday on his own and began telling them his story.

At first, he claimed he was passed out from drugs and woke up to find Brackenbury dead.

Later officers say he confessed to everything; telling police he stabbed his girlfriend and continued to attack her even as she fell to the ground.

According to court documents, Steven Gray also admitted that he took the clothes he wore when he allegedly murdered his girlfriend, shoved them in a bag and threw them in the back of her car.

Yakima police later found the bloody clothes right in their parking lot along with the victim's jewelry.

The documents indicate Gray used to be an informant for YPD and that he asked to talk with the officer he used to help.

I spoke with the now former officer who said Gray didn't have a good childhood. And, described him as a street kid who was arrested a couple times for petty misdemeanors.

KIMA pulled Gray's criminal history and learned his past includes domestic violence. Right now, police don't have a motive.

"There's only two people who can fill in the blanks here and one of those people is not with us anymore," said Martinez.

Gray's now awaiting extradition to Utah. The Yakima judge followed the request of Utah police and did not set bail in the case.

To get all sides, KIMA stopped by a few of Stephen Gray's old addresses around town. We couldn't find any relatives.

Earlier court documents said he was homeless.

We learned Utah investigators once considered Gray a suspect in a rape case from September, but was never charged.

Gray will appear back in court next month.