Smokey conditions cast a shadow on opening day at fair

Smokey conditions cast a shadow on opening day at fair
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Madison Nunley was one of hundreds who lined up before the fairground gates opened Friday morning. She got her tickets and rushed to the nearest rides.

""The fair should be so much fun," Madison said.

Fair officials say there are more new exhibits than ever and they expect the typical large crowd. However, a dark cloud casts a small shadow on the events. Thick smoke from all the wildfires blankets the fair.

"It's like cloudy with smoke," said one woman.

"I'm not having any problems," said another man.

"It's really stuffy and kind of a little cough. It chokes me a bit," said one fair-goer.

Fairgrounds President, Greg Stewart,says paramedics are on standby and there are other options for people who don't want to breathe the air outside.

"We have the first aid office on the grounds. They're ahead of us, They're prepared and another thing is that we have a lot of indoors exhibits," Greg said.

Chris Callahan is a paramedic. He says the smoke hasn't been a problem yet.

"We're usually pretty well-equipped for all of our respiratory emergencies that we would normally see but we haven't seen any increase," Chris said.

Nicole Johnson is the lead singer of Power Line. She says the conditions aren't ideal for performing.

"It just makes my through a little crackly and I have to cough a lot so it kind of worried me a little bit," Nicole said.

Fair goers like Madison say the hazy air isn't going to stop them from visiting their favorite attractions.

"I can't wait until we get to the swings," Madison said.