Sex offenders in Yakima County not checking in with police

Sex offenders in Yakima County not checking in with police
YAKIMA, Wash. -- You might think police keep track of every sex offender in your neighborhood, but it's not as simple as you think. The KIMA Crime Tracker learned more sex offenders here in Yakima County aren't where they say they are. Their called non-compliant sex offenders.

"As a dad with two little girls, it's a huge fear," said dad Chris Romero.

Chris' fear lies in the unknown. Because while the names and pictures are posted to the sheriff's office website, these 11 are considered non-compliant. That's nearly double the number from just a year ago.

These sex offenders aren't checking in with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office like they're supposed to. Two of them have active warrants for their arrest.

"Something needs to be done," said Chris.

But, deputies say not much can be done. There aren't enough resources to actively search for sex offenders. In fact, detectives want your help spotting and reporting those non-compliant.

"There's less accountability and that puts more responsibility on the parents," said wife and mom Cara Romero.

Cara says she'll gladly accept that added responsibility. Anything to keep their kiddos happy, fed and protected.

The Sheriffs office says sex offenders have three days to give notice of any move or change of address. Offenders who are homeless must check in once a week listing where they slept each night. In they don't or fail to register -- they are non-compliant.