Several Yakima apartment complexes filled with sex offenders

Several Yakima apartment complexes filled with sex offenders
YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA is always looking for ways to keep you safe and informed about sex offenders. We found several apartment complexes or group homes with up to seven sex offenders living inside. They're not there illegally, but you might want to know if your moving nearby.

You're one click away from safer living. The Yakima county sex offender registry lists information, a picture of each sex offender and most importantly an address.

Action News learned several level two and three offenders share the same address.

Within two miles of downtown Yakima, three apartment complexes or group homes have at least four sex offenders living there.

The cascade apartments on East A street and the Red Apple Motel are two of them. But the building with the most sex offenders is a group home on Terrace Street. It has seven registered offenders.

When Action News saw rooms for rent, we called the owner. KIMA learned the building was just bought by a Providence Recovery Center. The new owner says sex offenders will get a 20-day notice and told to leave. It's an effort to turn it into a faith-based recovery house.

The same goes for s house on 11th Street. All of the tenants are gone and the remodel has begun.

It's a relief to neighbor Al Gamet.

"it disturbed my family continually," Al said of the old tenants. "Used to call the owner almost every week for years."

Al hopes for a positive change. But after years of trouble, he can't help but be skeptical.

"It's kind of a wait and see," said Al.

There is an issue with that empty complex where the sex offenders were evicted. They're still listed at that address on the county's sex offender website. We found out it can take weeks to go through the paperwork and update the addresses.

Sex offenders have three days to tell the sheriff's office about a new address or they could be arrested.