Selah prepares to break ground on multi-million dollar school projects

Selah prepares to break ground on multi-million dollar school projects
SELAH, Wash. -- A third time proved to be the charm to approve a school bond in Selah and now the money for those updates is about to be spent.

Old brick and rusty basketball hoops. Selah School District had no shame in saying that its buildings needed fixing, immediately.

Megan Hepworth has two kids in Selah schools and she agrees.

"There are some areas in most of the schools I've been in here that need some updating," said Hepworth.

Selah will start by upgrading its high school. Adding six classrooms and a new gym.

That project will kick-off next week and is expected to be finished next summer.

Adding to the high school isn't the only project in the works for Selah. The district is also preparing to begin construction on a new middle school.

That project is where the majority of the bond money will go.

"it took several times to pass a bond and to go through the whole process, and now you're here; what does that mean for the school district?" KIMA asked.

"The school district and the community is very excited," said Selah School District Superintendent Shane Backlund.

Adding a new middle school is part of a bigger effort from the district to be more efficient.

Megan realizes her kids will benefit from those efforts in the future.

"I think it'll make a big difference. As far as teaching the classrooms and worrying about safety," said Hepworth.

A difference Selah hopes will last for generations to come.

The district will ask for construction bids on the new middle school later this spring.

Work could begin this August.