Schools prepare for major asbestos clean up

Schools prepare for major asbestos clean up »Play Video
WAPATO, Wash. -- Two school districts here in the Valley are gearing up for major asbestos cleanup projects.

The cancer causing material will be removed from Wapato and Eisenhower High Schools. Wapato High employees finished clearing the science wing this week.

After the asbestos is cleaned, the building will be demolished to make room for an all-new facility.

"We just can't have it torn down with all that in it, so we certainly have to go through the process of safely removing that material so we can demolish and move ahead from there. So, unfortunate that we have to do that, but it's just apart of the process and we knew it was there," said Mike Balmelli, Wapato School Spokesperson.

Wapato's cleanup is expected to cost at least half-a-million dollars. Yakima school district clean is scheduled for next school year.